Membership FAQs

Yes we don’t discriminate on any grounds.

Two word answer “Tyre Kickers”. In adventure tourism, 80% of the time is spent on 50% of the people who provide 0% of the revenue”. Paid membership identifies non-tyre kickers, reduces our costs, and allows us to offer great tour prices.

Do the maths!! By paying for tier A membership, you can invite a friend and save 10% on both tours. You can save more money with a 10% tour discount than you pay on membership.

No, but if you sign up for a tour under a paid membership plan, you must keep your tier status until the tour date.

Yes, just log in and adjust your membership level at any time. The next payment will be at your new tier level.

Big Adventure Club does not share membership details with any third parties. We do register tour guests and their itineraries with certain embassies or smart traveller government services.

Yes we do. If A and B tier members are not getting a reasonable chance of joining tours, we will stop new members from joining and increase the number of tours on offer.

Trained medical professionals are great to have on tour. We offer a membership upgrade for registered doctors, physios, nurses, and paramedics.

Tour FAQs

Tours are only open to members but some tours will have a minimum age for safety reasons. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

This varies depending on what currency the major suppliers charge. Sometimes it can be Euros, $US, $AU, or $CAN.

Tier As and Corporate members can book a tour as soon as the price is up on the website. Tier Bs get a crack at the tours 4-6 weeks later. Tiers Cs can book 4-6 weeks after that.

Email us at or call any of the numbers on the website and we will start the process.

Tour hosts are there for guest safety, answering pre and post tour questions, solving problems, and organising local staff. They supply common equipment like satellite  phones, first aid kits, E-PIRBS, and recharge batteries. They will also take photos and footage and put together a tour album.

Yes, but we do need advanced notice of at least 6 months. Bespoke tours will have a minimum number of guests and be closed to all others.

On some of tours, finding a shower can be difficult. A rating of 100 is equivalent to a pristine western hospital. Zero = sleeping in a swamp. The filth factor will give you an idea how dirty you will be on tour.


You have two basic options if something stops you from going on tour. Claim the tour costs back using travel insurance. Sell your tour to another member.

Corporate Members, Friends & Supporters

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